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Welcome to SkillRipe. This is platform offering online learning to different groups of people including primary and secondary school pupils and other adults who want to learn from our knowledge and skill based courses.  We online offer short online courses.

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Short on time? You can’t attend classes because of Covid-19? Need someone to push you through the academic journey? We understand. And we have a solution for you. Our on-demand online video lessons are delivered to you at your own time and place. As a parents, you no longer need to worry about your child coming late or catching Covid-19 by interacting with other learners or teachers physically because they can now learn at home under your supervision. You can also listen to what your child is learning. This is the best way you can monitor your child’s education.

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We have introduced a referral program on our online learning platform. If you want to make some money or pay less when buying courses on our website, join our referral program which helps you make credit points. These credit points can be used to pay for courses or you can redeem them in form of money which will be paid to your bank account or mobile money.  


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We find ourselves in circumstances where we cannot meet our learners physically for fear of Covid-19. This is happening before our own eyes. The challenge is upon us teachers to educate the world amidst this world calamity through online learning. We can take advantage of the technology to reach people who are in desperate need of knowledge and skills. If you feel this challenge is for you, join our team of instructors from all walks of life. Share your knowledge to students around the globe and contribute to the well-being of humanity.

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