About Us

Who we are

SkillRipe is a Zambian online education platform. Our mandate is to provide education in a manner that is simple but effective. We provide lifelong skills through our courses. Our delivery strategy is built on the principle of learner centred principles.


SkillRipe’s mission is to empower people with skills that will make them ripe for industry.

As such, we opted for marketplace type of course content provision. We allow individuals and institutions to create courses and post them on our platform. Anyone can register as a student or as an instructor.


We envision SkillRipe as a place where the quality of its curricular and co-curricular programs and the results achieved by its students and graduates will continue to attract a diverse and motivated group of students who subscribe to the philosophy of excellence.


In an era of technology, our aim is to provide education to people from diverse situations, meeting them in their zones of confort. We aim to stand out as the most convenient education provider in Zambia and beyond.

Core Values

Our core values inform behaviour in a way that transcends rank, responsibility and role. They guide us towards a staff culture that everyone can help create.


We believe that it’s much easier to grow when you constantly deliver value to your current and new customers and make them feel special. We focus on student satisifaction.


We believe that academic excellence leads to community development and good behaviour among individuals. We strive to model grace-oriented behaviours and skills.


We are 100% focused on building a platform that our techie and nontechie customers need and love to use. No unnecessary features or complicated processes.


We believe in education that trains the physical, mental, and social capabilities of students in order for to become to become well-rounded individuals prepared for service .

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