Become An Affiliate

We have introduced a multilevel referral program on our online Platform.

Our multilevel level referral programmes allows customers and students to invite their colleagues and friends to buy courses and materials from our Platform. Once the invited person buys any product, both the referrer and the customer get points which can be redeemed during at the time of buying other courses or materials at the next purchase or withdrawn in form of money.

How It Works

Invite your friends

You join the programme at the point of buying a course or any product. Upon joining, you will receive FREE 5 credit points as welcome credit. In your account, copy your referral link and paste on your social media or any platform to invite your friends as well as your colleagues. You can also invite others using the invite links given in your referral account. 

Friends will buy too

Many of your friends, colleagues will visit the site and will apparently join the referral program and will purchase products/goods as well. Your friends and colleague will earn credit points. But you will earn point when the friends you invited buy a course or any product.

Claim dual rewards

You will earn rewards for referring your friends and when they join the referral program and purchase courses, you will be earn quite a few reward points.

NOTE: Note that this programme only works if customers buy and pay online. If they pay offline, this programme won’t work as we do not manually monitor referrals.

How level based system works

At Skillripe, we have enabled the Level Based Credit System and added credit percentage for 3 levels of referrers. Meaning, whenever a customer purchases an course, only the 3 upper most referrers will be entitled to receive credit points in accordance to the set percentage. Also, our system offers a set credit percentage for customer. Meaning, customers too are entitled to earn credit points based on their purchases plus the 5 credit joining points. The illustration below will make this point clearer. Let’s say, Customer, Referrer 1, 2 and 3 are given 5%, 10%, 8% and 6% respectively.

Customer A, referred Customer B and C to our website. Customer B referred Customer D and E. Customer C referred Customer F. Customer D referred customer G. Customer E, referred customer H, and, Customer F referred Customer I.

Suppose Customer I purchased courses worth K1000.00, following which, he himself will earn 5% of the product price as credit points. That is, he will earn 50 Credit points. Customer I was referred by Customer F, so, Customer F will be considered as a Level 1 referrer of customer I and will earn points according to the Level 1. If Level 1 Percentage is set to 10% and hence Customer F will earn 100 points. Customer F’s referrer is Customer C, and hence Customer C is considered to be a Level 2 referrer of Customer I who purchased the course. Now, the set percentage for Level 2 is 8%. So, Customer C will earn 80 points. Customer C was again referred by Customer A, and who will be considered as a level 3 referrer, where the Level 3 percentage is set to 6%. As a result, Customer A will earn 60 points. The next referrers will not earn any points as our system is set to reward upto 3 referrers only.

Referral levels

We illustrate this point made above further in this section.

Customer – :                One who buys product.

Referrer Level – 1:        One who invited customer.

Referrer Level – 2:        One who invited Referrer Level 1.

Referrer Level – 3:        One who invited Referrer Level 2.

NOTE: You do not need to have more than one referral for you to earn points. If you just join, you will receive bonus points defined by Skillripe. These are subject to change without notice. When you invite person A, (you become referrer level 1 and Person A becomes the customer if she or he buys a course from our website. If the customer (person A) invites person B, you become Referrer Level 2), person A becomes Referrer Level 1, person B becomes the customer. If person B invites person C, you become Referrer Level 3, person A becomes Referrer Level 2, and person B becomes Referrer Level 1.

How points are calculated

Our system use the commission based method to calculate your commission. Our system first calculates the commission/credit in accordance to the globally set percentage, and, that percentage will then be used to calculate the commission/credit for each of the levels. The global set percentage for this Platform is 10%.

Suppose Product ‘A’ is priced at K 3,900.00, then, the total commission/credit on this product would sum up to K 390.00. Referrals on each levels will receive the commission/credits as summarised below

Customer – :                390 * 3% = 11.70

Referrer Level – 1:        390 * 4 % = 15.60

Referrer Level – 2:        390 * 2% = 7.80

Referrer Level – 3:        390 * 1% = 3.90

In above example, our system calculates the total commission/credits which need to be distributed between all referrers and customers. The global percentage defined is used to calculate these points. Then, the total points will be distributed in accordance to the set percentage for each levelled referrer and customer as shown above.

Since our global % is 10, Customer gets 3%, Referrer Level 1 gets 4%, Referrer Level 2 gets 2%, and Referrer Level 3 gets 1%. These points are calculated from the product amount percentage.

Joining the referral program

You can join the program by signing up at the bottom of the website by clicking My Account in the footer or just buy something and create an account as you go along with the buying process. It’s very simple.  Within your account, you will see buttons asking you to join. Please use the referral code cda52.

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