English for Grade 12 Pupils & GCE Candidates

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About Course

English for Grade 12 is a course that simplifies English learning for grade 12 pupils in Zambia. English is easy to pass however, people concentrate on section like rewrites which do not give many marks. It is important for students to focus on skill based sections which require them to apply the skills learnt in class in free style manner. These include summary, comprehension and composition which carry more marks. In this course, you will learn how to answer questions in these sections and which type of question you must choose in order to beat the examiner at his exam.


As the name suggests, English for grade 12 pupils includes lessons for pupils in grade 12. The lessons are presented with exams in mind. As such, pupils will be given a lot of assessments to strengthen the areas that are important for passing the Zambian Syllabus English Exams. In short, the lessons are developed with the curriculum in mind. You can find English lessons for grade 11 here and for grade 10 here.

What Will I Learn?

  • 3 lessons per week until exams
  • Learn how to answer comprehension questions
  • Learn how to answer summary questions
  • Learn how to answer rewrites
  • Learn how to answer composition questions.
  • Learn why people who speak English should not fail Grade 12 English exams.

Topics for this course

34 Lessons


This topic gives you the first wors before going into the lessons.
What to expect in this course00:5:56
The Sentence00:15:14
Types of Sentences by Structure
Types of Sentences By Structure Exercise
Sentence Type By Function00:08:35


In this part, you will learn different topics in comprehension, summary, compostion and structure.


In this part, you will learn different topics in comprehension, summary, compostion and structure.


In this section, we focus on revising exam questions using past papsers.

About the instructor

Hello there! My name is Kaunda. I willl be your teacher in English lessons. I am a trained teacher who has experience teaching English both at high school and university levels. Your search for a teacher of English ends here. Thanks for joining in my classes.
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4 Courses

7 students

ZMW 275

Material Includes

  • Video lessons
  • PDF Notes

Enrolment validity: 240 days


  • Mobile phone or computer with an internet connection since all lessons are delivered online.
  • Progress in English Learner's Book (recommended but not required).

Target Audience

  • Grade 12 pupils preparing for grade 12 exams.
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