Grade 10 science (physics)


In this course you will learn the basics of physics as prescribed in the O level syllabus. It is intended for learners taking physics at senior secondary school level of education, this includes both internal pupils and GCE candidates. It places greater emphasis on understanding and application of science concepts and principles

What Will I Learn?

  • This course will teach you the neccesary skills required for you to pass your exams with flying colours. In our increasingly technological world, these skills will be relevant for a very long time.

Topics for this course


This topic deals with the basics of measurements and the use of different measuring instruments.


This topic deals with the mathematics of motion. It will focus on the use of equations of motion for solving problems involving speed, velocity, distance and acceleration. It will also deal with to interpret graphs such as velocity-time graphs.

Force and its effects.?

This topic deals with force and its effects on motion, rotation and change of size/shape. It focuses on the application of equations to solving problems.

Work, energy and power.?

This topic deals with the concepts of work, energy and power. It focuses on the application of appropriate equations to solving problems.

Simple machines.?

This topic focuses on the use of simple machines and how they help reduce human effort.

About the instructor

Passionate about science
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Material Includes

  • Video lesson.
  • PDF notes

Enrolment validity: 90 days

Target Audience

  • This course is intended for senior secondary school pupils and GCE students wishing to rewrite science. It can also be used as a refresher course for university and college students.
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