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5 Great Reasons To Consider Going Back To School Now!

There are various reasons one should think about going back to school. Considering the current state of the economy in Zambia, the plunder that the Corona virus has wrought and the state of things, going back to school and completing your education is more important than ever. While the job market is tough for everyone involved, if you complete school and go to college, you will likely get a job or find what you can do on your own. Further, having a college qualification entails that employers will easily consider you for a job. In this article, I discuss 5 good reasons why should go back to school and what to do if your grade 12 results are incomplete.

You truly can change the course of your life by going back to school. However, if you need a bit more convincing, here are five more compelling reasons why you should go back to school now:

  1. Make more money. People who consider going back to school and acquire college education are likely to make money enough to survive the harsh economic condition. Take for example, teaching in Zambia. According to SalaryExplorer, “A person working in Teaching / Education in Zambia typically earns around ZMW6,370 ZMW per month. Salaries range from 3,050 ZMK (lowest average) to 11,600 ZMW (highest average, actual maximum salary is higher)”. By going back to school and completing your college or university education, you just might be able to give yourself a boost in salary. If you currently hold a Bachelor’s degree, you stand to earn a ZMW6, 370 per month and ZMW 76440 per year. Going for a Master’s degree give you an advantage of working in a college or university. Yes, going back to school requires a time investment now, but you’ll reap the rewards for the duration of your career in terms of salary and career advancement opportunities.
  2. Lead by example. Going back to school not only benefits your family from a financial standpoint, but it also helps you set a positive example for your children. When your children see you working hard to earn your degree, you’re showing them that earning a college degree is worth the effort. This increases their perceived value of a college education. I remember studying with mature students who had children in university. It does not matter when you go back to school. What’s important is to start your studies.
  3. Get into the career field of your dreams. Maybe the job you have now was intended to be a stepping-stone a few years ago. However, if you’re still in the position, it’s no longer a stepping-stone – it’s your career. Going back to school can get you into the career field that you’ve always dreamt of being part of. Combined with your current job experience, a degree or professional certification can also start you off in a new job with a higher salary, considering that you have workforce experience. Remember: You aren’t a new college grad without real world job experience; you bring a lot of value to the table!
  4. Gain a competitive edge. It’s no secret that the job market is rather glum at the moment due to Covid -19. Unfortunately, there’s no guarantee that it will improve soon since we don’t see Covid-19 going away soon. If you ever do find yourself seeking new employment, listing a college degree as one of your credentials will give you a competitive edge over other applicants. Employers can get more for their money by hiring college graduates. So if it comes down to choosing between two applicants, one with a college degree and the other without, nine times out of ten the college graduate will be given the job.
  5. Flexibility. Earning a college education is more flexible than ever. In some instances, you don’t even have to leave your home in order to attend classes. Online classes are becoming a mainstream alternative to in-person schooling and fit nicely into the schedules of working professionals. When choosing an online school, ensure that the school is accredited. If you feel hesitant to attend a 100% online school, choose a local college that offers online course options. If you’re concerned about paying for schooling, talk to your employer or find a scholarship. Regardless of the state of the economy, many employers still offer continued education for their employees on the corporate dime. And if your company is one of the many that still offer this benefit to their employees, you stand to gain a college education without a large monetary investment!

Going back to school when grade 12 results are incomplete

Many people feel that they cannot go to college because they do not have good results or have not completed school. If you have not completed school, you can either go back to school as a GCE candidate. Most if not all secondary schools in Zambia enroll GCE candidates.

going back to school

If you do not have time to attend GCE classes or there is no opportunity due to Covid-19, you can consider learning online. Skillripe gives you an opportunity to learn all the subjects online. On SkillRipe, you can ask questions, practice with exam questions and do assignments online. The system is simple to use and easy to navigate. The teachers are experienced and kind. You can check available courses and lesson here.

In conclusion, I can say that going back to school is important because of the various reasons discussed about. If you cannot attend physical classes, you enroll on Skillripe and start learning instantly.

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