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Courses and Lessons

SkillRipe offers two categories of services. The first category is for courses created by individual instructors. These courses are complete in themselves and are meant to teach a specific skill or offer knowledge in a given area. Individual instructors are responsible for preparing the materials and to present it. The major aim is to focus on a particular skills or knowledge so that by the end of the course, the learner should acquire a useful skill or knowledge. For these courses, students pay directly on our platform.

The second category includes courses and subjects offered by learning institutions and schools. Individuals and schools or learning institutions can prepare and present their courses or lessons out our platform.


SkillRipe is made of seasoned educators who create private label rights (PLR) and other educational materials such as lesson plans and lesson notes. PLR materials can be bought and be used by anyone. These include books and teaching materials. In fact, PLR materials can be modified by our customers. We also provide other materials can be bought from our online shop.


SkillRipe conducts training for individuals and institutions who wish to have have their staff trained on how to use our platform. We also train teachers on how to make online courses. For institutions, we conduct training at their own premises.

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